Beauty And Impact On Self Confidence

Most of us have heard that inward beauty is better than outward beauty. Sometimes taking care of your looks is looked upon as vanity or a waste of money. Of course there are some practices that are considered over indulgence. But we can agree that our appearance does have a bearing on or daily life, our work and how others perceive us as well.As your hair stylist Surry Hills or beautician may tell you, what we look on the outside really do have an impact. And how we feel on the inside can affect our appearance. If you are ill or suffering from some stress or issue it is most likely that our appearance will give it out. So it is safe to say that how we look on the outside matters as much as how we feel on the inside. So how does it impact self esteem and confidence?

You will find teenagers and even some adults battling acne all their lives and they tend to affect their lifestyles and professional aspirations as well. While the whole outward appearance can have an impact what does your hair tell about you?

Do you always have bad hair days? Whatever it may be we can assume that your locks have an impact on self confidence. Let’s look at some different aspects of this notion. Health and growth: though scientifically not proven, we tend to associate a good growth of hair as a sign of good health and growth. A full head of hair on a baby is considered a positive sign, while no hair, is sometimes looked as not so healthy. Even is adults or teenagers hair is associated with masculinity and virility. Thick hair on women is also considered a sexual attraction. The opposite is true for when individuals age.

The first signs are loss of hair or even thinning of your locks to greying. They all give signs of decrease of strength and vitality. Self confidence: many people agree that having a well kept outward appearance can really give them a boost of self confidence. So going to a hair salon and getting your hair and make up Sydney done, or having your nails done can really put you on a pedestal. This level of being in control is strongly associated with having self confidence. Symbols of status: if you look at history there are many instances where royalty and people of high classes spending a great deal of money on wigs and elaborate head pieces as signs of wealth and royalty. In the time of the Egyptians they wore head pieces that resembled thick hair. Sometime in the latter stages women of the aristocracy wore wigs to show class and status. If you look at modern times, you see judges wearing wigs of curly white hair which are symbols of their status and position in society. So it is safe to say that the locks on your head had a significant historical role to play as well. So weather it is historically significant or whether it is a sign of good breeding, your locks can tell a lot about you and impact the way you feel as well.