Pregnancy And Motherhood

Pregnancy and motherhood

Once you get to know that you are pregnant, nothing is the same for you ever again. Before having a child, you are engrossed in thinking how he or she look like, what you would name him and many other stuff. You are eager to meet your child and we don’t blame you. You have created a new life and it is growing inside of you and you can’t wait to hold it. None of the mothers to be can. Below are a few tips to keep you and your baby healthy and safe throughout your pregnancy:

-The basic rule of thumb which everyone who is trying to get pregnant or is pregnant should know is that stay away from cigarettes and alcoholic intoxicants yourself and stay away from anyone who is smoking or drinking to avoid second hand damage to your baby.

-You need to take the important vitamins like Folic Acid and Vitamin D etc. which would help with your baby’s development. In your first trimester, your child’s neural cord develops which is later transformed into its brain and spinal cord and when you take these prenatal vitamins, they help with your baby’s neural cord development.

– Say goodbye to your sedentary lifestyle and start being a little active to avoid obesity during pregnancy. The weight gain could lead to diabetes and back pain issues. If you used to work out before getting pregnant, we recommend you to continue doing so but you should avoid hard core workouts and opt for easier and lower impact workouts and the most important rule is to listen to your body over how much it can endure.

-You should also avoid higher caffeine levels and in case you are addicted to caffeine, you should look for its alternatives. Higher caffeine levels go unnoticed but can cause births where the babies have lower weight than they normally should have.

-No information is too much information. You could also join a class for first time mothers to be where you can learn more about pregnancy and the dos and the donts and what to expect during labour.You would be glad you enrolled in a class where there were more people as clueless as you.

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Pregnancy and motherhood is a full time job and you would be irritated at times but we just want you to remember what an amazing experience it is to have a life grow inside of you. Call us today for your customised maternity photography and we would work with you to get the most exquisite portraits to lock your memories in.